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Air Cargo Industry Between UK and Pakistan

Air cargo industry contribute a lion’s share in the overall economy of United Kingdom. It is calculated that total economic contribution of the airfreight sector to the UK economy is approximately worth £190 billion and this sector supports around 151,000 jobs as well.

Pakistan on the other hand shares the same lucrative and vitally important operation in air transportation and contributes $3.5 billion in the overall economy while supporting 500K jobs in aviation sector. There is a huge number of people from Asian decent who live and work in United Kingdom that makes almost 7% of the total population of United Kingdom.

There is a sizeable community of people of Pakistani heritage as well that have strong ties back home and require to send goods and cargo from Pakistan to UK

A few years ago, this seemed like an uphill task as air cargo was monopolized by the few multinational air cargo organizations that charged extortionate amounts to send the cargo to Pakistan. It used to take months between procedures and there was too much red tape involved as well. Things have changed in recent years though. With the world shrinking and effects of globalization making a lot of procedures way easier than before, sending goods from Pakistan to UK is becoming more streamlined and easier.